About Us

Bromide Color Chemicals

Bromide Chemicals was started in early 1983 with plenty of knowledge and enthusiasm as a kitchen Industry, in the then poor, industrially backward town of Jabalpur, in the State of Madhya Pradesh with almost zero capital and only two products in its Kitty: Manual Chemistry for processing Color Photo Paper & Chemistry for Photographic Color film.
Rapid Access Chemistry for image setter film processing,Range of fountain concentrates for sheet fed, web and even baby offset machines, Alcohol substitutes & single step founts for alcohol free printing, A comprehensive array of universal & blanket washes, for regular as well as UV and paste inks. Developers for conventional and CTP plates, A range of gum solutions, plate cleaners, scum removers, deletion fluids, De-glazers, De foamers, systems cleaners, de-calcification gels, wipe on chemicals and water deepetch chemistry.


World Wide Coverage

We have a dealer network spread across India and our products are exported regularly to at least four countries.

Qualified Workers

With the help of qualified workersToday, after 38 years, we boast a complete range of Chemistry for offset printing including.

Strong Supply Chain

Our printing fraternity has been encouraging monopolies in the supply chain. However we, at Bromide Chemicals, are committed to discouraging this, through our contribution to supplier diversity.